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ughhhhhhh, heres some sold out rodarte

im pretty irate because my riccardi blog is still not active, and i have complete shithead fuck tards working on it…im not saying i have…had a ton of followers but i do know that it did help our seo ill post some more amazing clothese here

fucken rodarte

i love these ladies, i was gonna say i love these “bitches” but there way beyond that. there clothes honestly make my jaw drop…

it was a big gamble bringing this collection into boston … not because the design it too outrageous, mostly because of the price tags. which are high. but the collection is selling, actually selling better then balmain did this time last year!

This dress is around 6,000, and i sold it earlier today!

This is hands down my favorite look which is still available… the combo will cost around 10,000.

This ming print skirt was amazing…i say was because i sold it yesterday

I have one of these wheat tops left, we had it in mauve lace also, which is sold out.



hi, like i said ive been really lazy about getting this blog off the ground because most of the time im working on the riccardi blog.but we had a malicous hack, and its been terrible…..i lost all previous postings!!!!!!!! so im a bit lder then allot of people out here bloging about fashion…and im so not hip to the whos who amongst pre-tween blogers of 2012. im also pretty sure bloggers is with 2 g’s but any fuck….i really should be getting more credit for what im ACTUALLY doing to transform the direction of fashion in boston..

So i brought RODARTE to boston. they say others stores were interested and they wanted to work with us to sell both collections.. i love working with them and find them amzingly talented.. we dropped balmain this spring and i needed another major collection to replace them. they couldnt be more diffrent.  Rodarte produces museum quality pieces that i think should be kept in ones family and be handed down generation to generation.  the clothes are way more wearable then balmain and have no interest in trend or season.

The spring summer collection really did hit me in an epic way… i just creamed over the wood and ming prints..

so far ive recieved some amazing stuff and we just got these in the other day!

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. so yes..the prices are high ,i do not doubt that.. but the pieces are so easy. and lovable. like the cutest fucken puppies.

seriously, how can you get mad at this.. its amazing

anywho the sisters said that this week i should get 2 more peices from the runway…the amazing ming gown and skirt from look 1! keep posted to for more info..

The Opening Ceremony collection has been selling great!. The pieces are super cute and fun. Prices are awesome for any collection but compared to mainline there practically  free.  Most women but multiple pieces!

These are the strongest looks..were already sold out of the lace blazer…sorry! shouldve been quicker…and to all you women who said you’d “think about it”……look where you best thinking got ya! blazerless…ha