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photo shoot with t.g. and comme des garcons, junya watanabe spring summer 11 for riccardi client

i was shooting  and editing product most of the day…it wasnt that it was slow …just that we had an appropriate amount of staff..  after i couldnt deal with the computer anymore(wierd i know cause im on it now) i decided to take some pics for one of my favorite ladies who lives in california.  This women is a serious comme head, and the store already sent her piles im sure, but she likes to get merchandise from me too because we all have different buys and taste! so i shot some stuff for her and also wanted to take some more pics illustrating some of the convertible aspects of the comme this season.

This is a comme des garcons reversible inside out dress…


This is a pretty amazing jacket….well 2 jackets that are connected at the bttm.. you can wear either fabric on top, and do all sorts of crazy stuff with it!


Triple layer shirt… this was the true concept of the season…… jackets shirts whateveres layered and connected to the back..each one van produce many looks.

Pretty Pretty…. junya watanabe navy jacket and comme des garcons grey pleated skirt

again…pretty pretty, junya.. one the most recognizable and fanous looks of the season.. most marketable.. we only have the one left in this color and one in navy.


more fall…comme and junya for riccardi

This is my favorite look for the season.. i also bought a long pant in the same fabric!

Everyones saying that its the season of the cape, or whatever

a little clowny, but pretty, and runway, sooooooooo essential!

and then a tamer version …buy both!

cmon now…there has never been a better black jacket….ever

There was a pretty big group of these leather dresses.but all needed to be tried and closely examined… some where just too hard and complicated with no one benefiting from the shape.

Down Coats..a seperate collection of all down, most were unflatering moto styles, but this cape was amazing.


junya watanabe comme des garcons new at riccardi boston

we just got these junya pieces in…and i loooooooooooove playing with them!

Junya’s a beast. we all know it. if you dont learn it. if you dont like the clothes its because your stupid and you cant understand true beauty. these are unarguable facts..Junyas spring was stripey, and stripey, and sailory, my mom told me a long time ago that horizontal stripes do not flatter women, i agree, they dont, while comme and junya never try to make a women look sexy, or slim, they definitely can compound a pre existing fixation that women have with there bodies. so i bought only a couple striped pieces. and of course every ones wants the striped ones, or at least they say they do.

Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garcons Spring Summer 2011

Junya is a beast.  If you didnt know this please close this page and never return.  I love to sell this collection, ive broadened the customer base beyond kooky old ladied to include stuffy business women and many trust funders, as well as the loyal asian clientelle that has completely over taken most retail markets.

This show was again a bit of a disappointment, ive never found horizontal striped to retail all that well..and this collection was heavy heavy on the nautical stripes, as well as anchors and other marinal stuff.

Where junya excells is in providing an alternative to traditional tailoring, while remailing slim and fitted. I always try and get the best blazers and jackets. I saw a ton of awesome trenches in this collection(as well as in sacai) i picked the best and bought 2 colors.

There was also allot of complicated dresses that had to be forced over the head…some had blazers attached, some had cardigans, they were to stunning not to hind sight i shouldve bought more…because i already have 2 women buying this one as soon as it come in!