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so i have off wensdays, so tuesdays are like my friday, or like my saturday..i only have the one day off so its not like a weekend or anything.  The sun was shining bright this morning and i knew that at some point during the evening i was expected to goto christines house and get i wanted to wear something simple and awesome that would shoot well

Martin Margiela Lambskin Tee shirt.. amazingly sexy piece i wear very sparingly.. its from the f/w collection and something i also procured through the lovely people at staff u.s.a. and margiela.

But its still march so i needed another layer for in-store wear.. so i went to another reliable piece.. this ATTACHMENT jersey drape cardigan. we have this in the store now in black and in grey. its super soft and easy to wear.. i play with all day and go from wearing it this way, or open, or upside down.. or tied at the bottom.. its a great item for a fussy gentleman such as myself.

ive really been killing these shoes lately and dont wanna wear them out. i bought them off guilt of all places after seeing them on oki-ni.  now i may need to buy them at full retail in grey suede from oki-ni cause i wear these almost everyday. There DAMIR DOMA SILENT.

I dont accesories much, i think that finding one or two things i love and wearing them everyday works best for me.  I also try to find pretty masculine yet expensive items. The silver bracelet is a CHROME HEARTS filagree i bracelet with custom clip closure that i purchased about 6 years ago and have worn almost everyday since. The second is a HERMES colleir de chien in covered black leather.  I first saw a version of this bracelet in paris… but it was brown… yuck. When i got back to boston i asked one of my favorite clients who actually works for the HERMES in boston. She got the bracelet for me in black and held it till no tax day. She RULES.

The outerwear was a blazer from a small collection called FORME. its a gauzy linen 2 btn, i threw my BALMAIN vest over it for warmth… and that was my tiesday out fit.. i layer like a mother fucker.. 4 pieces on top.. all interchangeable. thats the only good thing about winter!



This is more insanely georgous BALMAIN that retails for around 20,000..ha, its fucken amazing. This dress probly weighs 50 pounds.

This was one of the cheapest dresses in the collection that retails for around 10,000.  I almost wrote it, its seude, and amazing.  Most of the collection featured brocades that will soon be knocked off at you closest crap clothing factory.  To distinguish themselves from the copiers, the house of BALMAIN decided to gold leaf allot of their brocades.

This is a gold leaf brocade moto jean, retailing for around 7,000.  I skipped it an bought a stretch moto in black with gold paint.

This is out BALMAIN PRE-COLLECTION buy for f/w.. It was very hard to get the pieces together all at once to take a look at the group. The showroom is incredibly busy and people are clamering for items.

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shit i like

fuckin, tattoos, very expensive clothes, graffiti, vandalism of all sorts, shaved heads, (if 6 was 9) PARIS PRESENTATION FALL/WINTER 11

BALMAIN fall/winter 11 runway dress. weighing at least 50 pounds, hand beaded within an inch of the almond sucking model who is so sick of being photographed.