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White Mountaineering Fall 2011

White Mountaineering just released a video featuring there f/w 11 collection so i feel it is now ok to discuss and reveal pictures from the upcoming season.

The video can be viewed here

As far as technical japanese collections go, i could usually care less. Im not concerned with the interior taping of a gore tex jacket or the zipper puls on an aged indigo 600 times dip dyed denim whatever.  im a sucker for silhouette and design.

That being said i was so pleasantly surprised when we went to buy white mountaineering. Our store along with a select others have been chosen to release present the fall winter collection for the first time in the u.s.  Once only available in asia, white mountaneering took their time finding the right representation stateside.

The pieces are fucken rad and really fun. besides that its a strong fall winter selecetion fo coats and knits perfect for our inclimate weather.

Fair isle is everywhere this fall/winter.  After this apointment we went to y-3 which showed very similar items on their runway.  Knit pants are gonna be fucken necessary!. I like how ethnic and more tribal the white mountaineerings knit came out.

These are the goretex pieces that we chose…The whole collection reminds me of junya fall 05. look it up, im so right.  The plaid fabrics fused with gore tex with pink or yellow interiors are extremely fun and worthwhile allowing the wearer to rebel against the solemn winter mood with splashes of color.

But i had the best time buying the collection… i was once again employed as fit model and put together the sickest outfits and was promised that next season i would be the look book model. everything was built for me! to bad all the samples had to be shipped back to japan. sux.


Givenchy Rottweiler Pieces

I like Givenchy allot. I think the collection is fun, sexy and a great value.  In a store where anything under 1,000 is cheap its nice tobe able to offer blazers for 795, or amazing blousons for 1200.  The tee-shirts have been really quick sells.  I got the huge clown face one. People wanna buy it off my body so i try not wear it to the store too much, but i love that fucken shirt. Im also kinda obsessed with jugallos and icp, not the music just the culture. Givenchy fall is chock full of awesome ness too. Rottweilers, snarling dogs everywhere,so dope.

I want the whole outfit, and yes i would wear the shit out of it! correction. will wear the shit out of it

This is just a small taste.. theres gonna be allot more in store, along with the sick ass runway boots and shoes!

Alexandre Plokhov Returns

I can site the first time when i felt the need to kill for clothing. Louis boston fall 2004. Motive.Cloak.

A blazer to be specific. The most amazing blazer in the whole wide world, grey on grey thin pin…elbow straps, shoulder fins, one button, slim as fuck…all around perfect.  For me at the time it was seriously unobtainable. I was only just a lowly seller/window dresser at the Riccardi store, making barely enough to support my now embarrassing nike habit. But i wanted that jacket so bad, if i was stealing at the time i wouldve stolen it.  But the moment i discovered that an article of clothing could produce that much want and passion i was changed..pretty much forever.  That jacket taught me many things, not only about the connecetion between clothing and customer, designer and audience, but about passion and desire.  I got that jacket along with 3 other pieces from that season. Most of it i procured for close to 80% off at filenes basement downtown. 1 piece was a gift from a customer. Louis still send their pieces to filenes basement soon after sale. I also ended up selling that jacket for more then i paid for it, on ebay, after i had worn it too shit.  Cloak was and is for me the collection that ignited my passion for interesting design.  Alexandre Plokhov created Cloak for guys like me, thin, lanky, masculine , odd and dark.  He worked as Lang worked speaking a language of subtlety, tonal detail, shapes that took some time to digest. The problem with cloak was the production, he never found the right factory that could produce his pieces correctly. I still have a cloak jacket that everytime i wear it a button falls off. I expect it now.  He started producing in the u.s., then switched to italy.  The brand closed a couple years later 2007, he went to go work with Versace, and i went onto being obsessed with Dior .  One of his assistants at the time Robert Gellar designed his own line, not nearly as amazing as cloak, although some people like it.

All that being said please try and imagine my face when i heard that he was back.  He rented a small space during mens market at Place Des Voyges and produced a short video showcasing the key looks. He then brought the collection to ny where i was able to view and buy for Riccardi.  Alexandre even(jokingly) offered me a job as a fit model and i just about shat..i later confessed my devotion to all things Plokhov and we carried on like school girls about gushing about his current Alexandre Plokhov fall/winter debut collection which is fucking awesome.!

I want every single piece if the collection,hopefully i get them all.. Expect in store around august/sept.  This collection will sell out.  The prices are great, the quality amazing, and cuts impecable.

FALLL 2012 Nicholas Kirkwood

i was told by a very powerful man in the world of blogging to start putting some of these pictures up.. As buyer for RICCARDI BOSTON i do get access to the best showrooms and am allowed to take all the pics i want because im there to write orders.  I try not to let things leak, or not to be the first to let things leak.

Fall is gonna be amazing, but im sure i say that about every season before it begins, but i am very impressed with the collection for next season. One thing I added to the floor was a shoe collection called Nicholas Kirkwood.  We havent offered shoes in sometime, since we carried MIU MIU. But i do want to provide my customers with a total look and access to sick shoes that cant be found allot of places in the U.S.  I of course will have exclusivity in Boston..Not department stores, No specialty stores, nothing.  It is also the first time that Kirkwood will be for sale in New England.  Nicholas Kirkwood is directional footwear based on architectural shapes with signature embelished platforms and cut outs.  Kirkwood works along side Rodarte, Erdem and Peter Pilloto constructing the shoes for their respective runway collections.

This is my buy for fall 2012

The boots will be coming in charcoal grey!

ughhhhhhh, heres some sold out rodarte

im pretty irate because my riccardi blog is still not active, and i have complete shithead fuck tards working on it…im not saying i have…had a ton of followers but i do know that it did help our seo ill post some more amazing clothese here

fucken rodarte

i love these ladies, i was gonna say i love these “bitches” but there way beyond that. there clothes honestly make my jaw drop…

it was a big gamble bringing this collection into boston … not because the design it too outrageous, mostly because of the price tags. which are high. but the collection is selling, actually selling better then balmain did this time last year!

This dress is around 6,000, and i sold it earlier today!

This is hands down my favorite look which is still available… the combo will cost around 10,000.

This ming print skirt was amazing…i say was because i sold it yesterday

I have one of these wheat tops left, we had it in mauve lace also, which is sold out.


so i have off wensdays, so tuesdays are like my friday, or like my saturday..i only have the one day off so its not like a weekend or anything.  The sun was shining bright this morning and i knew that at some point during the evening i was expected to goto christines house and get i wanted to wear something simple and awesome that would shoot well

Martin Margiela Lambskin Tee shirt.. amazingly sexy piece i wear very sparingly.. its from the f/w collection and something i also procured through the lovely people at staff u.s.a. and margiela.

But its still march so i needed another layer for in-store wear.. so i went to another reliable piece.. this ATTACHMENT jersey drape cardigan. we have this in the store now in black and in grey. its super soft and easy to wear.. i play with all day and go from wearing it this way, or open, or upside down.. or tied at the bottom.. its a great item for a fussy gentleman such as myself.

ive really been killing these shoes lately and dont wanna wear them out. i bought them off guilt of all places after seeing them on oki-ni.  now i may need to buy them at full retail in grey suede from oki-ni cause i wear these almost everyday. There DAMIR DOMA SILENT.

I dont accesories much, i think that finding one or two things i love and wearing them everyday works best for me.  I also try to find pretty masculine yet expensive items. The silver bracelet is a CHROME HEARTS filagree i bracelet with custom clip closure that i purchased about 6 years ago and have worn almost everyday since. The second is a HERMES colleir de chien in covered black leather.  I first saw a version of this bracelet in paris… but it was brown… yuck. When i got back to boston i asked one of my favorite clients who actually works for the HERMES in boston. She got the bracelet for me in black and held it till no tax day. She RULES.

The outerwear was a blazer from a small collection called FORME. its a gauzy linen 2 btn, i threw my BALMAIN vest over it for warmth… and that was my tiesday out fit.. i layer like a mother fucker.. 4 pieces on top.. all interchangeable. thats the only good thing about winter!

photo shoot with t.g. and comme des garcons, junya watanabe spring summer 11 for riccardi client

i was shooting  and editing product most of the day…it wasnt that it was slow …just that we had an appropriate amount of staff..  after i couldnt deal with the computer anymore(wierd i know cause im on it now) i decided to take some pics for one of my favorite ladies who lives in california.  This women is a serious comme head, and the store already sent her piles im sure, but she likes to get merchandise from me too because we all have different buys and taste! so i shot some stuff for her and also wanted to take some more pics illustrating some of the convertible aspects of the comme this season.

This is a comme des garcons reversible inside out dress…


This is a pretty amazing jacket….well 2 jackets that are connected at the bttm.. you can wear either fabric on top, and do all sorts of crazy stuff with it!


Triple layer shirt… this was the true concept of the season…… jackets shirts whateveres layered and connected to the back..each one van produce many looks.

Pretty Pretty…. junya watanabe navy jacket and comme des garcons grey pleated skirt

again…pretty pretty, junya.. one the most recognizable and fanous looks of the season.. most marketable.. we only have the one left in this color and one in navy.