Alexandre Plokhov Returns

I can site the first time when i felt the need to kill for clothing. Louis boston fall 2004. Motive.Cloak.

A blazer to be specific. The most amazing blazer in the whole wide world, grey on grey thin pin…elbow straps, shoulder fins, one button, slim as fuck…all around perfect.  For me at the time it was seriously unobtainable. I was only just a lowly seller/window dresser at the Riccardi store, making barely enough to support my now embarrassing nike habit. But i wanted that jacket so bad, if i was stealing at the time i wouldve stolen it.  But the moment i discovered that an article of clothing could produce that much want and passion i was changed..pretty much forever.  That jacket taught me many things, not only about the connecetion between clothing and customer, designer and audience, but about passion and desire.  I got that jacket along with 3 other pieces from that season. Most of it i procured for close to 80% off at filenes basement downtown. 1 piece was a gift from a customer. Louis still send their pieces to filenes basement soon after sale. I also ended up selling that jacket for more then i paid for it, on ebay, after i had worn it too shit.  Cloak was and is for me the collection that ignited my passion for interesting design.  Alexandre Plokhov created Cloak for guys like me, thin, lanky, masculine , odd and dark.  He worked as Lang worked speaking a language of subtlety, tonal detail, shapes that took some time to digest. The problem with cloak was the production, he never found the right factory that could produce his pieces correctly. I still have a cloak jacket that everytime i wear it a button falls off. I expect it now.  He started producing in the u.s., then switched to italy.  The brand closed a couple years later 2007, he went to go work with Versace, and i went onto being obsessed with Dior .  One of his assistants at the time Robert Gellar designed his own line, not nearly as amazing as cloak, although some people like it.

All that being said please try and imagine my face when i heard that he was back.  He rented a small space during mens market at Place Des Voyges and produced a short video showcasing the key looks. He then brought the collection to ny where i was able to view and buy for Riccardi.  Alexandre even(jokingly) offered me a job as a fit model and i just about shat..i later confessed my devotion to all things Plokhov and we carried on like school girls about gushing about his current Alexandre Plokhov fall/winter debut collection which is fucking awesome.!

I want every single piece if the collection,hopefully i get them all.. Expect in store around august/sept.  This collection will sell out.  The prices are great, the quality amazing, and cuts impecable.

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