Givenchy Rottweiler Pieces

I like Givenchy allot. I think the collection is fun, sexy and a great value.  In a store where anything under 1,000 is cheap its nice tobe able to offer blazers for 795, or amazing blousons for 1200.  The tee-shirts have been really quick sells.  I got the huge clown face one. People wanna buy it off my body so i try not wear it to the store too much, but i love that fucken shirt. Im also kinda obsessed with jugallos and icp, not the music just the culture. Givenchy fall is chock full of awesome ness too. Rottweilers, snarling dogs everywhere,so dope.

I want the whole outfit, and yes i would wear the shit out of it! correction. will wear the shit out of it

This is just a small taste.. theres gonna be allot more in store, along with the sick ass runway boots and shoes!

  1. What store do you work at??? Can I order on line???

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