FALLL 2012 Nicholas Kirkwood

i was told by a very powerful man in the world of blogging to start putting some of these pictures up.. As buyer for RICCARDI BOSTON i do get access to the best showrooms and am allowed to take all the pics i want because im there to write orders.  I try not to let things leak, or not to be the first to let things leak.

Fall is gonna be amazing, but im sure i say that about every season before it begins, but i am very impressed with the collection for next season. One thing I added to the floor was a shoe collection called Nicholas Kirkwood.  We havent offered shoes in sometime, since we carried MIU MIU. But i do want to provide my customers with a total look and access to sick shoes that cant be found allot of places in the U.S.  I of course will have exclusivity in Boston..Not department stores, No specialty stores, nothing.  It is also the first time that Kirkwood will be for sale in New England.  Nicholas Kirkwood is directional footwear based on architectural shapes with signature embelished platforms and cut outs.  Kirkwood works along side Rodarte, Erdem and Peter Pilloto constructing the shoes for their respective runway collections.

This is my buy for fall 2012

The boots will be coming in charcoal grey!

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