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ughhhhhhh, heres some sold out rodarte

im pretty irate because my riccardi blog is still not active, and i have complete shithead fuck tards working on it…im not saying i have…had a ton of followers but i do know that it did help our seo ill post some more amazing clothese here

fucken rodarte

i love these ladies, i was gonna say i love these “bitches” but there way beyond that. there clothes honestly make my jaw drop…

it was a big gamble bringing this collection into boston … not because the design it too outrageous, mostly because of the price tags. which are high. but the collection is selling, actually selling better then balmain did this time last year!

This dress is around 6,000, and i sold it earlier today!

This is hands down my favorite look which is still available… the combo will cost around 10,000.

This ming print skirt was amazing…i say was because i sold it yesterday

I have one of these wheat tops left, we had it in mauve lace also, which is sold out.