so ive been looking at these bored girls posting mood boards and questionable pictures of themselves with references they googled a half hour ago..and started getting jealously motivated..

i live in boston Massachusetts … and work in a high fashion store everyday.. live and breath clothing…. im even allergic to certain brands.. im more of a victim them 99% of my clients! but i know a shitload about clothes.. and fashion. and history and art and art history,and i love it…but i live in boston..and people here dress like fucking shit not matter which way you cut it…and there fucken cheap..

thank god for asians!

anywho this is what i wore today to go get my haircut @ mizu salon in the “fashionable” mandarin oriental salon

So Clearly its still cold here..and i layer like a mother fucker…once called the patron saint of tasteful layering!

Damir Doma sneaker boots and Sweatpants. yes i wore sweatpants all around today ..thats probably the most boston ting about the outfit

Dior Homme f/w 11 angora silk open cardigan

Balmain sleeveless purchase ever. will probably be buried in my moneys worth after the first straight week if wearing everyday!

D2 quilted leather jacket…big ups to t.o’m. @ staff for helping out during sample sale

this is my calm comfy sunday outfit..

  1. your sweatpants make me happy!!! I wish I could wear sweatpants without looking like a total asshole.

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