just like garfield, i hate mondays. so i dress like a homeless retard

uggh…monday, so got a case of the mondays… at least i sold one of the last balmain ranger boots today!, from the website..which has been responsible for selling most of the boots! http://www.riccardiboston.com. so i woke up today knowing it was gonna be cold but hoping it wasnt gonna be too cold

i started with these pants

from the comme des garcons black stores grand opening… there the same shape that mainline does all the time, just a wee bit cheaper.

Then i put on my old stand by. this balmain ripped long sleeve t-shirt.. i got it from the store last spring right before i went to paris for f/w 11.. i sweat this short so hard, but really need to watch the ampunt i wear it… i have one customer who thinks its the only shirt i own…its just bad luck that everytime they come in im wearing it.

I then put on a comme des garcons homme plus hooded button down.  in the meantime i realized i looked a bit too “powerful” for this weather and situation so i changed in to nudie big bengts…which apparently there changeing the name of the next season due to market research

I then top it off with another dsquared sample sale jacket, there coats fit me the best…. this is a really slim cropped army green boiled wool snap closure pea coat.

i almost forgot about the shoes, which i wore in a attempt to be more spring-y  margiela replica moccasins in nubuck.

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