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more Junya Insanity..spring summer 2011

hes a beast, undeniable beast, thats feeds on the blood of novice wannabees(hence mcqueen)


Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garcons Spring Summer 2011

Junya is a beast.  If you didnt know this please close this page and never return.  I love to sell this collection, ive broadened the customer base beyond kooky old ladied to include stuffy business women and many trust funders, as well as the loyal asian clientelle that has completely over taken most retail markets.

This show was again a bit of a disappointment, ive never found horizontal striped to retail all that well..and this collection was heavy heavy on the nautical stripes, as well as anchors and other marinal stuff.

Where junya excells is in providing an alternative to traditional tailoring, while remailing slim and fitted. I always try and get the best blazers and jackets. I saw a ton of awesome trenches in this collection(as well as in sacai) i picked the best and bought 2 colors.

There was also allot of complicated dresses that had to be forced over the head…some had blazers attached, some had cardigans, they were to stunning not to hind sight i shouldve bought more…because i already have 2 women buying this one as soon as it come in!


inside out dress……shown as scarf on runway

so if youve seen the comme show for spring, you were probly, like me, bummed because the collection read realllly heavy and unwearable..maybe not unwearable, but nothing too many people would want to wear..i love comme and will defend any decision that this company makes till my death….that being said i was totally scared prior to out appointment. i was quickly relieved after touring the collection that there are some awesome, almost easy pieces that are not only sick, but will definately retail very well.

BeenGone Too Long

my boyfriends cat pissed on my computer… i couldnt post anything for the longest time..anywho, now im gonna start posting all new looks for spring summer…like you care