L@@K @ h@w @mazing i b

SOOOOO, i have pretty rad customers.  Over the years ive gotten to form some pretty great relationships with the coolest ones. My favorite so far is CHRISTINE who ive tricked into cutting my hair once a week.  Shes very talented at lots of things but uses her advanced hair cutting skills at MIZU in the Manderin Oriental.  So the deal is she cuts my hair whenever i need it, which is once a week cause my hair grows super quick, and i cant stand the sides tobe too long.  I used to exclusively goto great cuts/haircuttery.  and its not that im too good for those places anymore, its just that my heads a bit mishapen and when its cut entirely with clippers, those bumps and dents are magnified. So the haircuts have been awesome,  ive totally been pulling a way higher caliber of dude.. so thanks christine, you rule.

These shots were then composed into a zine that represents her cutting style. Me and female model will presenting these cuts on monday for a bunch of boston people.

  1. you did trick me into cutting your hair once a week, but I tricked you into looking like a fascist dictator, we both win! thank you for the kind words, let’s make a million more zines!

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