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So im getting ready for fall winter, and pretty excited for the collections that are gonna be comin in..this will be the first season where i bought all collection on the ladies floor. needless to say its gonna be sick.

SACAI is so INTENSE this season. Will definately gonna be the most beautiful collection on the ladies floor.  Fall/Winter is the season for knits and outerwear.  Sacai is a knitwear based collection, she worked on knits for comme and junya before starting her own collection.  The distribution is still kept very small and limeted to the best stores around the world.  She bases most concepts on hybrids combining knit with other fabrics…lots of washed satin, silk, chiffon. The pieces read extremely feminine, and constantly rich.  This fall winter was the first season that she did a presentation for press, editors and buyers.  This fair isle, argyle group is the most editorial and the pallete sets the tone for her collection.

These dresses are gonna fly out the store.  The pleated chiffon is becoming a SACAI signatire that will also be represented in the MONCLER S collection she designed for F/W 10-11.

The sickness continues with a vest and poncho that will murder all who view.  I bought the vest in 3 colors and the poncho in 2.


L@@K @ h@w @mazing i b

SOOOOO, i have pretty rad customers.  Over the years ive gotten to form some pretty great relationships with the coolest ones. My favorite so far is CHRISTINE who ive tricked into cutting my hair once a week.  Shes very talented at lots of things but uses her advanced hair cutting skills at MIZU in the Manderin Oriental.  So the deal is she cuts my hair whenever i need it, which is once a week cause my hair grows super quick, and i cant stand the sides tobe too long.  I used to exclusively goto great cuts/haircuttery.  and its not that im too good for those places anymore, its just that my heads a bit mishapen and when its cut entirely with clippers, those bumps and dents are magnified. So the haircuts have been awesome,  ive totally been pulling a way higher caliber of dude.. so thanks christine, you rule.

These shots were then composed into a zine that represents her cutting style. Me and female model will presenting these cuts on monday for a bunch of boston people.


This is more insanely georgous BALMAIN that retails for around 20,000..ha, its fucken amazing. This dress probly weighs 50 pounds.

This was one of the cheapest dresses in the collection that retails for around 10,000.  I almost wrote it, its seude, and amazing.  Most of the collection featured brocades that will soon be knocked off at you closest crap clothing factory.  To distinguish themselves from the copiers, the house of BALMAIN decided to gold leaf allot of their brocades.

This is a gold leaf brocade moto jean, retailing for around 7,000.  I skipped it an bought a stretch moto in black with gold paint.

This is out BALMAIN PRE-COLLECTION buy for f/w.. It was very hard to get the pieces together all at once to take a look at the group. The showroom is incredibly busy and people are clamering for items.

comme des garcons paris fall winter 2010-2011

Junya Watanabe f/w 11 pleated dress. i love this dress, i loved this whole group. there were some that needed instruction manuals and 2 to 3 assistants and then there was this simple, gorgeous, green, mutha fuckin classic junya dress.  its such a rad shape that he also offered it in wool.  The knit version looks totaly different. There both great prices, buy both

so yeah, needles to say first time in comme des garcons showroom in paris on the first day of market was a monumental acheivement.  I sell allot of comme des garcon, i buy allot of comme des garcon. if you dont like, inderstand comme des garcon, your just a fucken idiot and an all around useless human being.

so with that being said, the comme collection is not the easiest to buy/sell.  This season there were tumors and pads on many of the jackets.  The padding is to be reduced 20% and most styles are equiped with removable tumor/bumps/pads. The silhoutes are insane.  My favorite group where jackets and skirts composed out of almost a bedding material that was sculpted like crinkled intestines.

So i bought this jacket in 2 fabrics, and a similar shape in another fabric.

shut up shut up shut

shit i like

fuckin, tattoos, very expensive clothes, graffiti, vandalism of all sorts, shaved heads, (if 6 was 9) PARIS PRESENTATION FALL/WINTER 11

BALMAIN fall/winter 11 runway dress. weighing at least 50 pounds, hand beaded within an inch of the almond sucking model who is so sick of being photographed.